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   Ted Leydon, Internationally known palm and psychic reader

       Ted Leydon was born in Pennsylvania in May of 1954. He first
 discovered his unique abilities at the age of thirteen.   Ted went professional
 in his early twenties, when he began reading and teaching at Blooming Rose
 School of Metaphysics and Healing Arts.  Shortly after, Ted met his wife
 and fathered a son and daughter.

   Ted's gift has led him all over the world. His talents have been
 recognized in Canada, England, Ireland, and Mexico. 

   Ted Leydon possesses psychic talent.  No one having this type of gift is 100%
 accurate all the time. Be applicable law, all readings must be considered for
 entertainment purposes only. With this in mind Ted and / or any sponsors must
 disclaim any and all liability to all persons who act upon or rely upon his intuition

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